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POLL: my gf is almost like 'Jenny' on Forrest Gump. What should I do?

I mean there are many similarities. She grew up with her father. Her dad is not abusive like Jenny's but he raised her without the mother and so she lacked a mother figure. She's got some mental issues but I never let this be a deal breaker with me. I try to help her every way I can but she's just a mess lately mentally. She is happy one moment and the next she doesn't wanna see me. She's got many guy friends and now that I'm away for work for a while she tells me she sees them. I don't really like her having tons of guy friends and if I tell her I don't like it she yells at me. Also, she cancels things at the last minute often. You get the point. She says she loves me one day and then the next she's cold for no reason. I am kinda jelaous of the relationship my grandparents had. Grandpa was a Marine during WWII, he was on Guadalcanal. He didn't come home for 2 years and when he came home grandma was here to wait for him. They weren't even married yet. You get my point? I'm not saying my gf should be like a girl in the 40s.. I would just like to have a faithful,honest,ironic,funny gf. That's what she used to be once.Now eveything with her seems drama. When I told her I would leave her if she didn't change her behavior she told me ' If you don't wanna have a wacko for a girlfriend,just leave me'... I love her but this is making me both sad and angry. What would you do?

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  • ?
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    1 month ago

    I hope you don’t have sex with someone who has AIDS 

  • Kieth
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    1 month ago

    Walk away, Jenny was messed up, don't let a hag like that drag you down with her.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    She needs help that you're not going to be able to give her. And she's going to have to decide to get it herself. That may be next week, that may be 5 or 10 years from now. You're not obligated to deal with her drama or mood swings. That's a form of emotional abuse. Don't threaten to leave, just leave. 

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