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Bill asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 2 months ago

So what do you think about Biden ignoring a court decision that tells schools to remove transgenders from cisgender sports teams?

Yup, just today Biden signed an executive order MANDATING that schools allow transgenders to compete with cisgenders even if the courts already said that was not allowed. Yeah, the party that impeached Trump twice is actively ignoring a court decision. Go figure. 

Also, it would appear that Biden cares more about transgenders than women that want a fair chance to compete. Yeah..


Just last year a group of girls won in court against the transgender invasion of their sports leagues and yet Biden doesn't care. Isn't that just great? 

Update 2:

The court order speaks towards the same issue that the policy that Biden reversed does. Nice try though. 

Update 3:

So how about you tell me how girls suing and winning in court over transgenders in their leagues is not exactly the same issue that Biden addressed today that deals with transgenders in those same exact leagues? 

Update 4:

@Sam: Yeah? So you realize that transgenders easily beat women in sports, right? 

Update 5:

@Leo: He's already in violation of a court order with the EO. What makes you think he won't just ignore another court order? 

Update 6:

@John: Well that was a weird insult. Care to try again or should I just block you? 

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  • John
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    2 months ago

    Bill, you just seem to have a whole lot of problems with sexuality in general. Have you ever thought about talking to somebody?  I'm serious, you're getting all worked over something that's really pretty simple.

    No, it's not an insult. It seems to be a genuine fixation with you. Whadda you care who somebody likes to sleep with or what they wear?

  • Robert
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    2 months ago

    And this is the danger of the democraps.  The courts only matter to them when they courts agree with them.  The ruling class rules and if you don't like the rules you will be canceled.  

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Yeah wait for islam next.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I haven't the foggiest idea what a "cisgender" is but letting boys in dresses play on sport teams intended for girls is totally wrong and just what I'd expect from chairman biden.  Maybe the transgenders should join the teams at the mental hospital where they go to learn to accept themselves as they are.

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  • Leo
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    2 months ago

    EO's end up in court all the time.  This one will probably end up there too.

  • Sadcat
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    2 months ago

    OK, so let’s handle this kind of thing the same way it’s always been handled:  if Biden’s actions are unconstitutional, then those harmed can sue. Will they? Probably not, because the court order you’re referring to has nothing to do with the policy that Biden reversed. 

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