Psychology question about Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Adam Lanza, Steven Kazmierczak and the like ?

Harris stocking weapons in his room and expressing homicidal ideation.

Klebold depressed to the point of suicidal ideation.

Lanza extremely sick, communicated with mother via email in the SAME house.

Kazmierczak buying weapons despite a mental commitment when younger.

Why does American authorities miss all those signs? In Canada, at least neighbors would report them. PS: I study psychology and find these people fascinating to study. 

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    I'm no psychologist, but in the United States, many people venerate guns. Additionally, there is a massive stigma against mental health and people who seek help for mental health issues. Many families also want to appear perfect to their neighbors, and so work hard to suppress anything that might indicate otherwise. For example, it's not uncommon to believe that you've somehow failed as a parent if your child seeks help for a mental issue.

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    1 month ago

    You study psychology and think "Why DOES American authorities" do anything is college-level English (even in Canada)?  How did the Canadian authorities miss the events leading up to Gabriel Wortman's murders?  Perhaps you'd like to see a list of Canadian mass murderers.

    No one EVER diagnosed Adam Lanza as "extremely sick."  That came AFTER his depraved act.

    Which "American authorities" do you think should have been notified AND by whom?  Lanza's MOTHER lived with him and didn't recognize his mental health issues - but a neighbor should have?  You are simplifying the thinking of killers and blaming the "American authorities" for missing the signs.  I find YOUR questions to be troubling, including your fascination with murderers.  Am I to notify the authorities about you?

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    It is the US court commitment laws regarding the mentally ill - though I had thought they were doing the same everywhere.

    The Courts CANNOT detain any person against his will unless he has ALREADY committed a crime. And nobody can be forced to take medication against his will.  

    But YIKES, you made me think.  My adult daughter only communicates with me by text, even when she lived in the same house!  AND she told my doctor that I was abusing her! WHOAH. I am SO glad she at least moved out.  

    But as for Harris and Klebold, I think Harris was a psychopath, i.e. not mentally ill in the usual sense, but lacked conscience, and was able to act normal and manipulated Klebold.  Suicidal teens do manage to kill themselves sometimes; but Klebold had the misfortune to fall under Harris's influence.  

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    1 month ago

    They sound like Trump supporters. 

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    That sounds like the average Trumpster.

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