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Is there any scientific evidence that by wearing a mask I am making you and others 'safer' from covid19 ?

since a smart a55 informed me that the mask is not for my welfare but for others incase I sneeze, cough etc.

so does wearing  mask make any difference or not ?  i mean correct me if i'm wrong but aren't viruses reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally small ?  i bet they can exist a face mask surely ?

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    Of course, there's evidence! Do you think immunologists and experts around the world are lying? This will explain...

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    That smart a55 was correct. All a face diaper does is keep your germs from spewing out when you open your mouth. It does not protect you from incoming germs.

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    We've been doing it for about a year here and our case numbers are as high as ever.

    Source(s): The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting different results.
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    Yes there is.  You should do it.

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    There's all sorts of research and it just high school physics.  Viruses are transmitted in water droplets that are more than 10,000x larger than viruses.  Water droplets containing viruses are easily trapped by masks and viruses tend to tick to cloth or other filter material after the water evaporates. 

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    Masses of evidence, you have not been seeing the news or reading it. We are all wearing them in the U.K.we follow the science.

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    There is a difference between "ineffective" and does not work.

    The FDA has a report (it's pretty easy to google and find it, if you are interested) that 3-ply masks filter between 30%-95% of covid viral particles.  The specifics are based on the specific mask.

    - Obviously 30%-95% is a GIGANTIC range.

    - Most people aren't wearing 3-ply masks, so how much filtering do their masks do.

    - The study shows that the least effective mask filtered 4% of covid viral particles.

    The FDA has a list of KN95 masks that you can purchase on Amazon for very inexpensive.  These masks, if the fit is good, filter more than 95% of covid viral particles.

    Masks are ALWAYS supposed to be used in conjunction with social distancing, not a replacement.  So if you skip the distance, you are placing yourself at higher risk. Andre's link is false = if he read it, he would know.

    1. The studies that are stated in his article are not related to covid.

    2. Saying that the covid growth rate pre-masking mandate  is higher than post-masking mandate is FALSE.

    - The Covid masking mandate occurred statewide in California on June 16 and in some counties in mid May. 

    June = 64000 cases of covid in the state

    October = 112,000 cases

    November = 350,000 cases

    December = 1,000,000 cases

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    its nonsense, You wear a mask for yourself not for others. This whole "protecting others" nonsense is an excuse to blame strangers when people themselves get covid but dont want to take responsibility for their incompetance in getting covid.People dont like to admit maybe they got cancer cause they drank alcohol all their life, maybe they got a heart attack cause they clogged their arteries with pork fat all their life.  This is part of that dont blame the  person who got covid blame everyone else for their health issues.its YOUR FAULT if you got covid, your RELATIVES FAULT if they got covid, i or some stranger had nothing to do with it. The common sense part "experts" lack cause they only know how to read textbooks instead of thinking outside the box is that our breathing rate is just not fast enough that it can shoot covid out of our noses to someone else's nose at speeds as fast as a air freshner or insect killer spray can.

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    There's tons. The issue is that the virus needs to travel on droplets that a person expels when breathing out, and those droplets are what the mask is stopping.

    Still Confused About Masks? Here’s the Science Behind How Face Masks Prevent Coronavirus

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