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    Chi Chi was a intimidating woman for Goku heck he only married her simply because he promised he would(at the time he thought marriage was some kind of food). The part that probably made her very unliked by fans was her desire to hinder Goku from training there son Gohan. Believing becoming a fighter/warrior was akin to wasting his life. Prior to the beginning of Dragonball Z Chi Chi was trying to guide Gohan into becoming scholar thinking it was a more wholesome thing for him to do. One careless thing that Chi Chi did after the end of the Saiyan saga was she ignored the badly injured Goku as she blamed him for Gohan being taken away and being trained to fight against the Saiyans(it was really Piccolo though). Chi Chi's turning point may have been in the later episodes of the Cell Saga after Goku and Gohan's time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber Chi Chi absolutely refused to let Gohan participate in the Cell Games believing his studies where more important and other fighters could deal with Cell. Chi Chi was initially upset toward Goku for letting Gohan fight Cell but after the Cell Games Chi Chi felt very guilty for Goku's death as she felt had she not hindered Goku so much from training there son maybe he might still be alive. In the 8 years that followed Chi Chi mellowed somewhat she still wanted Gohan to be a Scholar but was less extreme on him. She trained her second son Goten with what martial arts she knew she also did not protest when Goten was going to fight with Trunks against Majin Buu. 

    Conclusion Chi Chi's strict decisions as to what she wanted for Gohan made her a unlikeable character but after the Cell Games she was forced to admit to herself she was being selfish for concerning herself only for her son while Goku was more concerned for the earth's well being. While she was still strict during the Buu conflict she had become more understanding. Note: Have not seen Dragonball Super.

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    No, not really. But she does have some mental issues. She thinks Goku is the best thing in the world. She waited for Goku her whole life since she was a child. The two of them only met twice briefly growing up. The two of them barely knew each other but she was soooo in love with him. When Goku didn't come looking for her, she went looking for Goku. She did get to marry Goku but Goku didn't really treat her too well nor did he really help her take care of the kids. If you watch the Japanese version and you'll notice she's constantly mad at Goku because he doesn't really help out much, nor does he help with with the chores, or help taking care of the kids, yet she's still in love with him and thinks he's the best in the world. I'm talking about when he's alive, not when he's dead. Goku maybe a great fighter and all but when it comes to how he treats other people, he's terrible at it and he doesn't seem to really care that he does so. So Chi-Chi isn't the worst female character ever. She's just got some mental issue when it comes to Goku because any women in their right mind would had divorce Goku already. But then again, Goku would had probably liked that since marriage wasn't his idea in the first place. The amount of time Goku spends away from his family while he's alive indicates he probably don't want to be in that kind of relationship.

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    She is kinda annoying 

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