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Pregnant! WTF should I do?!?

This girl I've been seeing for a while now told me she's 5 weeks pregnant. She's definitely a better friend than a mother or lover. I'm honestly not even worried about the pregnancy it's HER being the mother that concerns me. She's unhealthy, sucks at intimacy and communication and she's really brash. I wouldn't want her to abort my first child and I'd prefer us be together instead of repeating the cycle of 1 parent homes. But how do i make a relationship work with a person like this?!

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    You can't do much to turn your other half into a perfect mother and wife (although you can encourage her tactfully). But you can work on becoming the best father and husband that you can be. Take advice from people that know you, because they will see what faults you have that you need to work on, and the better person you can become the stronger that will make your relationship.

    Also take advice from anyone you know who has made a long marriage work. Maybe your grandparents, for instance.?

    Another thing which might help is to think about what love is. Real love isn't just a feeling of attraction to people we like, it's a willingness to put ourselves out and seek the best for people even when we don't have nice feelings about them. The love that sticks by someone when the going is hard and the nice feelings aren't there is a much deeper love than the love that is all about flowers and hearts and silly cards on Valentines Day.

    Finally, if you are at all religious, try prayer, because that will help. I don't just mean a quick 'God, help me' (though there's nothing wrong with that), but take a bit of time to really think about the bigger question and build on whatever faith you might already have. Having a grasp of the bigger picture and the meaning of things can give a stability and a confidence even when the events of life seem to be in turmoil.

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    If you want the child to have 2 parents, you find a way to build the relationship for the child (not for you, not for her).

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    You are a little late in asking this question. You should have considered this before you had sex. Sex = pregnancy so if you don't want a lifelong relationship with someone don't risk it by having sex. This is why people should wait till marriage to have sex. 

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    You need to learn how to use a condom.

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