Why cant I delete this app? ?

I have tinder downloaded on my phone but I saw a youtube video showing me how I can get tinder gold injected on my phone for free, which I did. The app appeared on my phone but in order to use the app you have to download two other apps and do what it asks you to do on the apps to unlock tinder gold. Long story short I wasn't able to do one of the aspects that I needed to do so I tried to delete the injected tinder gold app but it doesn't give me any means to delete the app, its like one of those pre installed apps that you cant delete. It also doesn't show up in my settings with all the other apps. How can I get rid of it off my phone? 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Make sure your personal data (contacts, calendar, photos) has been properly synced / backed up into the cloud, and do a factory reset of the phone. You'll have a clean slate and when you sign back into Google it'll be synced back down. It does mean you'll have to fetch your favorite apps again and sign into them all over, and you might lose some history.

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