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How do I correct my mom and sister when they accuse me of putting personal information online and having bad Facebook etiquette?

My sister is estranged for the time being but my mother I’m on good terms with. Both accuse me of putting too much information on Facebook which is a blatant lie. Neither follows me on there and my mother doesn’t even use the site.  Their main fear is that I put their pictures on Facebook. It brainwashed my father to have a little bit of the same fear since he’s gullible do anything my mother says and has no balls. 


It hurts to be lied about. How do I get them to see that I don’t put their pictures on Facebook or any private information? Or what kind of threat can I make that will scare them out of spreading this lie? 

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    They know that and are applying control over you. Consider that when people accuse you of things that are untrue they have to figure it out for themselves and live your own life. Facebook has a bad reputation for what you have written about and that is part of the problem but it is very popular and though based on a great idea it has more bad than good. The threat you mention is Facebook and that is what your family are concerned about. You know yourself how to leave them out of anything you do on Facebook and  that allows you to ignore their rantings politely.

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    I don't see how you can't prove to them that you don't put their pictures on FB.

    As for personal information, that's a greyer area. What you consider just chatting with friends might seem like Too Much Family Information to them.Trying to "threaten" them is a really stupid idea. They already think you're doing something wrong and anti-social; issuing threats will only confirm their fears.

    Who are they "spreading this lie" TO? Does it MATTER?

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    There might be 2 separate issues here.  On the photos, this is a simple yes or no issue.  I don't get why you can't make it clear to them that you have never done this, you never will and they need to drop it.  

    When it comes to too much info, there's gray area here.  Overall, you get to run your page any way you want.  However, things you talk about might impact your family or indirectly say something about them.  This is where people can get in trouble.  Are you sure you haven't done this?  

    Most of all, I have a feeling that this is tapping into bigger real life issues.  You're tired of dad not having any balls and you're tired of mom believing your sister over you.  If that's the case, you need to address it, but it's not a FB issue.  You can use that as an example, but the real issue is how you're viewed in the family.

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    You don't.   They are entitled to their opinions.   Just because you don't agree doesn't mean they are lying.

    The next time someone tells you to put less on FB, you just say, "Thanks, I'll consider that suggestion" and then go about your business the way you want to.

    Learn when to keep your mouth shut and you'll find yourself in a whole lot less arguments.

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