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My roommates clothes smell like gym socks. What can I do to his clothes to eliminate the odor?

I’ve told my roommate about his smell but he said he doesn’t notice it and doesn’t know what to do about it but at least he’s agreed with me to figure out a solution because I don’t want him to keep stinking up the house and our washer and dryer.

The smell of his clothes is so bad that even after washing and drying his clothes it smelled deadly. I gagged just taking his clothes out of the dryer. I’m leaving the dryer on for a bit to kill off that stench. This ends now! What do I put on his clothes to kill off all body odor?


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    You could try add baking soda to the wash it helps to absorb odors. 20 Mule team Borax does help sometimes. But, I have found that color safe bleach gets rid of all the odors and leaves the clothes clean and keeps the darks from fading. My friends and I swear by the color safe bleach since our men work in landscaping. Make sure your friend is showering everyday with a good body wash or soap and using a good deoderant Try and make sure you are not using cheap laundry detergents. I would stay with Tide  with Febreeze or Gain or All. I would also suggest washing all of his white underwear and socks in bleach and detergent on hot.. He should also think about getting a pair of odoreaters for his shoes or some new shoes and odoreaters so his socks won't be so bad.

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    Some people a smellier sebum than others. I add borax to laundry (washer) to boost detergents power and wash on hottest setting the fabric can handle. Also add some of those scent pellets - can't think of the name). If something is real bad, I soak in a bucket with detergent for a few days. Also, if your washer is older, you may need to run a cleaning cycle to remove old dirt and caked detergent from around the outside of the drum.

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    When I was a roadie years ago, there was one guy whose feet would make us puke. Sharing a motel room with this guy was torture. We finally sat him down between shows, presented him with a new pair of shoes and dozens of tube socks and taught him about foot fungus.  The reason his feet smelled like death was that fungus and bacteria were feeding off the dead skin and, even after he washed his feet, putting on the stinky shoes started the process all over again.  Washing rancid socks in with all his other clothes made those smell just as bad.  Once the smell got deep into the fabric it was almost impossible to get it out, especially if it was a polyester blend.

    After throwing out his old shoes and socks, we had him soak his feet in hot vinegar water, scrape down the callouses and trim the nails.  Using an anti-fungal cream or powder also helped.  Convincing him it would help him get chicks was an added incentive and it worked.

    If your roommate's stank has permeated the soft surfaces of the furniture and bedding, dusting them with rug-freshening powder and then vacuuming or using a rug shampooer may be the next step.  Replacing things like pillows and blankets may be necessary if a good wash in hot water with borax like others have suggested doesn't do the job.  If his car stinks too, shampoo the rugs and the car seats.  Running the washing machine empty on hot with a few cups of white vinegar and a box of baking soda will help get the stank out of that, then dunk a towel in white vinegar and run it through the dryer on hot with a few fabric sheets to freshen that.

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    Maybe use laundry soap in the washer?    & actually wash them?  They will smell like lemons or cherries . Roomy has to change diet away from MEAT(well, not so much of it and not so much spice.

    . As you may have guessed *A skunk notices his odor LAST* as he has to live with it continuously.   Maybe it is due to taking steroids or prescription medications.  He needs to mention it to his doctor.  They can sometime switch or adjust the meds.

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    Our sweat actually has no odor.  Bacteria is the source of the smell.  Bacteria prefers a warm, moist environment.

    Wash the clothes as hot as possible.  I prefer borax, but not sure if the soap will make a difference or not.  

    To eliminate the bacteria, the roommate needs to take a shower before putting on clean clothes.  He can pick up the bacteria again from non-laundered clothes, shoes, from their bedsheets or blankets, towels, coats, or hats.  Everything needs washed as hot as possible, boiling may be necessary if the hot water wasn't hot enough, especially underwear or socks.  

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    easy get rid of your room mate , no co-tenant and no odors .

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    Maybe try using washing detergent  next time?

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    You have two problems here:  First his clothes reek to the ends of perdition and back...and Second...there is something in his body chemistry that is making him stink up his clothes.

    So this is what I did -

    We took their clothes and put them in a big plastic construction bag and emptied two boxes of baking soda in to it and closed it and shook it up and left it like that for 48 hours.  THEN they separated them into 'Socks and Underwear', 'hot water' and 'cold water' loads and washed them in ARM & HAMMER DETERGENT  for the first load and GAIN for the second load.

    ALWAYS WASH SOCKS Separately because other wise EVERYTHING will smell like socks.

    Dry with scented fabric softener sheets.

    If the load still has odor, hang the stuff up and Febreeze them.

    NEXT...get your roommate some AXE in a scent that YOU can tolerate and tell them to use it.  It is actually a good blend and nice on your skin.

    Finally - is your roommate eating a lot of high fat foods or cruciferous veggies?  Garlic?  some people don't digest those the same way as others.  See if they will temporarily eliminate some of these from their for a week.  That should be long enough to see if there is a difference.

    Oh, Yeah...for EVERYBODY...put used dryer sheets in your shoes to absorb and kill the odors between wearing.

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    Baking soda, at the start of the wash cycle.  It also helps to wash in the warmest or hottest temperature possible.  Also, can you hang the wash outside to dry?  Although it's winter, and not sure where you're at, it can at least provide some temporary relief because wash that is line-dried always smells good, or better. Be sure to use fabric softener otherwise the wash will be stiff.  If these don't work, it could be that the clothes are very old and the smell will be hard to get rid of, so he will just have to spring for new clothes.  

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    First, you stop doing his laundry. Second, you NEVER do laundry combining his items with yours. Third, get a new roommate.

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    Use detergent that can help

    I have used Downy UnStoppables beads. Love them. They do work. But they can be expensive to use. 

    Many sites recommended adding in white vinegar to the water. 

    Also do not dry them in the dryer! This making it worse.  Hang to dry to help what the odor. Get a clothes rack. Put by an open window if possible. 

    Do not wear clothes twice. He is just building up the bacteria and odor.  Don’t pile dirty clothes on top of each other. Do more smaller loads 

    Change deodorant. Perhaps use a body powder such as Gold Bond

    Wash out your machine. Run a cycle with just bleach. 

    Wipe out your dryer. 

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