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It's so hard to admit that i made the wrong choice after graduation. ?

I studied English-language and Literature at university and those were the best times of my life. I don't regret a moment. There were books that discouraged me from suicidal thoughts! But it's been 4 years since I graduated and I can't find a proper job. All the people who have jobs and earn a good deal of money are doctors, lawyers, engineers, you know who accepted to learn a little bit of math at university while I was digging thick books. In the end I was wrong. But what can I do after these years? How to hold on to life?

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    I think you have unrealistic expectation of today's world.  With Covid everything is all messed up & jobs may be hard to find at the time.  You could go back to school & learn something new that would be more logical to get a good job.  Go to a trade school instead of a college or university.

    Lots of people I know went off to a college or university & never got a job with in that field.  Jobs just weren't there to find.  People with college or university degrees behind them & they are flipping burgers for minimum wage.  A job is a job for right now & hope that in the future you can find something in your field of expertise.

    It is very hard to keep a positive attitude in this day & time.

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    write a great novel. become a teacher. 

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