How do I convince my bf to choose for freedom? (has autism, depression, toxic parents)?

He's 29, has autism and depression and due to that will only now graduate, no job yet. On top of that he has toxic parents who talk him down and threaten to disown him if he moves out! He is under counseling now because he realised how toxic this is and his psychiatrist confirmed he needs freedom. I have a job, car and plenty of money to support us, I could rent something for us. The problem is his parents wanting to disown him and he also doesn't want to live off me, he said... I don't see it that way. I couldn't care less. How can I convince him to move out and enjoy freedom and love with me? He does love me, he spoke of a plan to run to me, but that was before they threatened to disown him. For some reason this is all very hard to believe, but then again, I am neurotypical? It's just that I'm dying f insecurity. How long should I have patience, like in months? The last few weeks he completely crashed and texted me he got extra counseling. He said his own dad called him a failure on new year's eve... I didn't know. This is so sad. He needs to get out asap! What exactly can I tell him, when, how? How do I propose doing fun things in the meanwhile so I can at least see him? How can I convince him to choose for love, freedom, me? I am desperate. I know it's up to him to choose but i need to know how to communicate with him during this period because he's pulled back, fled to his grandmother, has no wife, etc. Communication has been nearly impossible for weeks.

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  • Jacob
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    1 month ago
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    Why the hell do you want an autistic guy? And to mooch off you?

    Anyway ok lets say he loves you, vice versa. You need to tell him to pack all his stuff and move in. Tell him not to worry about them disowning him because it's just a threat and a bluff. They want to control him and verbally abuse him.

    So tell him to just pack and move out that he will be happier.

    I bet they will be begging for him to come home in 1 year.

    Tell him to trick them amd say it's just temporary to see how it goes?

    That's all I can suggest. You want a real man anyway, not some insecure scared little boy.

    Im.curious if you will be bossy too or just see potential in him? 

    Have him find a job as a cashier or something. Or construction.

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    you cant, he has to do that on his own

  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    You'll need to find out of he's got any longterm goals then try to work around those. Putting your financial future entirely into the hands of a love interest is of course a great way to end up homeless if the relationship fails. So wait until he's earning some money so that he can contribute to your household. Maybe then he'll feel confident enough to move in with you. No one wants to be kept by someone else like a pet and no one wants to be someone else's pity project. 

  • 1 month ago

    I meant he has no wifi.

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