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I think my sisters pet died because of me,and i can't stop thinking about it.? sisters pet mouse died and i think it's my fault...

The mouse was around 1 and a half years old and seemed perfectly healthy and fine the day before.

My sister had a sleepover at a friends house and i accidentally left the window open in her room overnight, aka where the mouse is. When i woke up and went into her room it was freezing cold since it has been heavily snowing the other day and about 1hour later when i went to clean his cage i realized he died in his little house. I am devastated i told her about it without mentioning the fact that it might be my fault and she has been crying for the past 3 days now. I was also bawling my eyes out when i found the mouse but the feeling of guilt just won't go away and it keeps bothering me so much. 

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    The mouse was pretty old to begin with, it's true.  But it is also likely that the mouse died from the cold, because he was not used to it.  But if he was in a little house, and if he had insulation, it might not have been that.  It would have been a peaceful death though, the mouse would have died in his sleep.  

    I know this is very sad.  You need to learn from this and be more careful in the future.  It was an accident.  

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    Keep in mind that mice have a life expectancy of only 2 years. That means the mouse may have already been close to his end due to age. Mice also live in cold climates and then hibernate when it is cold. 

    This was an accident and you need to realize that, if this was actually the cause of the mouse's death. But, it may not have been.

    You might consider talking with your sister and letting her know what happened. It sounds like you are not going to feel better until you get this cleared up and off your chest. Despite the fact that a new mouse would not take the place of the original mouse, maybe you can get her another mouse when the time is right.

    It is unfortunate that mice live such short lives. Smaller creatures don't usually live very long. You and your family are kind people in caring for small animals such as this; unfortunately, it also makes you more sensitive to their plight.

    Maybe, you and your sister can do a little burial for the mouse.

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