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How to train chihuahua to use the litter box?

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    You don't and neither should you use puppy pads either.  Indoor litter boxes are for cats.  Dogs should be trained to eliminate OUTSIDE, which is why when a dog has been trained to do it's business outside, it's considered to be "housebroken."  Just use your search engine and type in "How to housebreak a puppy or dog" and you will get a LOT of good advice.  Just remember to stay away from any suggestions to use puppy pads, because that IS teaching your puppy or dog that it's ok to do it's business in your home.  It's not ok.  It's disgusting.  The concepts of training a puppy or dog to eliminate outside would be the same whether it be a Chihuahua, Beagle, Great Dane or ANY breed or mix.

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    Place your dog in his litter box and wait. If the dog tries to leave his box, encourage him back into the box, put him on a leash if this helps. Wait for him to do his business. When your dog finally pees or poops in his litter box, reward him, say "good dog", and take him somewhere else to play with a favorite toy

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    The small size of Chihuahuas can make them difficult to house train. They can easily slip off to do their business without being noticed, unlike larger breeds. A solution for this is feed and water your dog at regular intervals throughout the day. Then take her to the litter box and help her step inside. Say a command word or phrase, like "go potty," to tell her to do her business. If you're training a puppy, she'll most likely eliminate 5 to 30 minutes after eating or drinking. When she successfully uses the litter box, offer lots of praise and a treat. If you catch her eliminating someplace else, gently scold her and take her to the box. As she begins to use the litter box on her own after a few months, keep up the praise as you decrease her dependence on treats.

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    Yes, you certainly can train a Chihuahua to use a litter box. I have two Chi’s that use a litter box.

    My 5 lb. Chihuahua, Sugar, was adopted into our household at 14 weeks of age. She was born into a household of multiple Chihuahuas that were all litter box trained.

    Our 4 lb. Chihuahua, Blue, was 4 years old, when we brought the 14 week old puppy into the family. He was quite used to going outside to potty, but hated to go out into rainy weather.

    With much time, lots of treats and much patience, he now uses the litter box, also. Initially, he didn’t like the wood pellets under his paws, which took a good bit of getting used to. Blue still prefers to go outside, but now has accepted the litter box as an option.

    FYI … You can’t use traditional kitty litter in your dog’s litter box, especially the clumping kind. Instead, use biodegradable, non-toxic wood pellets made from Aspen trees or recycled newspaper pellets. Examples to follow:


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    Dogs have the EXACT OPPOSITE instinct, than cats = they DO NOT want to eliminate over and over in the *same location* they want to use DIFFERENT locations and both make & female may have a tendency to MARK..  Aside from the foolishness of this "IDEA" is the fact, that the high sides (to help HOLD the litter of any cat pan) will make the dog be forced to jump, over and over & over, all day long, every day, 365. 

    NEWS FLASH: Chihuahua are not BUILT for jumping and are prone to slipped patella (kneecaps) and torn ACL. so asking the dog to do something NOT NATURAL to its behavior will also end up costing you $$$$ in vet bills you do not need to pay.... if you will just housebreak it to eliminate it OUTSIDE the home.

    Pee pads are only going to TEACH the dog it is okay to GO inside the home and they will... anywhere and EVERYWHERE - not just on the pads (since dogs do not see ANY DIFFERENCE between the pad - on the floor, and the plain floor).  BTW, the absorbent material in the pads is TOXIC to dogs - if chewed/ingested.

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    You get a cat instead of a chihuahua.

    Dogs use poop and urine to mark territory and to communicate with other dogs..  it's in their nature to "go" outside of the den, and to use multiple spots to relieve themselves.

    A dog isn't content to use one small area for toileting..   and if you allow a dog to toilet in the house, you are teaching him that those areas are not part of the "den", and thus are OK to relieve himself in.

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    That's just ridiculous, and suggests you are just being lazy.    Cats use litter boxes, dogs don't because quite simply, they don't empty in exactly the same place.   And same goes for the wretched pee pads.    If you continue to encourage your little dog to empty indoors, litter box or pee pads or not, then he will never be clean indoors, and eventually your place will STINK.

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    You NEVER train any dog to toilet inside the house

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    Puppy Pads work better for dogs. 

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