Does the law require a man to provide housing clothing and such for his partner?

Maybe that was an old law but I looked it up and it seems as though after getting married a woman can basically just use a man.

And I don't see how it could be legal to basically assert she's entitled to a lifestyle because she married him she had to work for everything she had before she met him why would she not have to work for everything after?


I have literally only asked this question once.

And the question is not about divorce or what happens after divorce it's asking if there is a legal precedent that basically says women are entitled to be allowed to not take care of themselves once they get married

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    There was a principle called "spousal neglect" that covered many things.  So that either party neglecting the interests of the other half could have faced divorce due to fault.  Since the advent of "no fault" divorce it doesn't require a legal reason.

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    This is your 182nd answer.  There might be some law that as to do with support, but you should ask an attorney , not seeking advice here. If you live where there is a community property law, anything that is acquired after marriage, including income, belongs to both spouses.

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    I feel dreadfully sorry for anyone who marries with such a concern. I don't know if you are the wife or the husband, and that really doesn't matter, but people are supposed to marry someone that they love and want the best for, and the wedding vows illustrate quite succinctly that each can give the other the benefit of the doubt that while situations change: sickness and health, richer or poorer et al, each is trusted to make their very best contribution to the partnership, not 50/50, but 100/100, even if they aren't the same at the same time. For example, you both know that either of you could get sick or injured. You both know that something can happen that affects you both deeply or one of you and not the other, and you both know that you will not be alone in any case, and nobody will be harping on or resenting the other, because the willingness to care and contribute is built in, and respected, whether it's a paying task or not. Then we have the jerks who don't like their partner anymore if he gets sick or she doesn't get a promotion, etc, and that's why the contract has a legal component: to try to protect our loving investment from the bad behavior of egocentric low life small minded people who want things to be easier just for themselves but at someone else's expense: liars, cheaters, thieves...female or male,

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    Why do you think many no longer get married and the divorce rate is over 50%.

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