How to disable mouse clicking completely in Ren'Py?

Hi, I have been searching all over the internet but none gives me what I'm looking for, all the codes they shared can't be use with my project for my situation. 

I'm making a credit for my VN by showing pictures after pictures (with dissolve), the credit went smooth with the flow, however, if the user click-to-progress, it skips all the credits until the last "pause".

The picture shows I did my credit starting from "label ending:"

Attachment image

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Initially I uses $ renpy.pause(1.0, hard='True') at the very beginning of the credit which didn't work as I wanted (it enables clicking right after), so I decided to use $ renpy.pause(1.0, hard='True') replacing all "pause (1)". Users won't be able to skip the pictures (yay!), however upon click-to-progress, it kills the dissolved effect for each of the pictures (which of course not what I wanted). I think best solution is to play moviescene/video instead, although, I'm still looking forward if there's any other way to disable clicking!

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