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The right must be out of their mind to believe Q and the left IS out of their mind for believing the media or news. I see NO difference.?

SAD.. Q=mainstream media - same thing. I like people who study, read and can discuss all manner of policy. Media heads= HUH? 

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    It's not the same thing at all. Q was some random posting ridiculous fantasies on 4chan and later 8chan - it could literally have been anyone, although my money is on a psyop of some sort.

    The mainstream media interviews people, quotes them, researches stuff and quotes it where useful, and generally presents actual proof to back up their assertions. They're far, far more credible than the guff you Qcumbers swallow.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No it's not the same thing. You may disagree with opinion pieces done on the news but at least they try and give you information that is based in reality.

    Qanon is just pure fantasy

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    Q-anon is a psy op. To destabilize any revolutionary movement, the existing powers will pretty typically radicalize a few assets within the dissenting faction. By infiltrating a group and grooming a few individuals for violence, they can turn public opinion against anyone supporting the change. In this way, otherwise moral people will applaud the use of excessive force (see also: Baltimore Uprising) and believe the bully is protecting them from a legitimate threat.

    When the Bonus Army camped peacefully in the nation's capital, asking only for the wages they'd earned, our own military ran them over with tanks and set fire to their encampment. But when Trump supporters tear down barricades and rush police, the President calls them "patriots." Once more, soldiers are sleeping on Capital Hill; risking their lives for a country that would rather kill them than pay them.

    The same people are playing both sides. Remember, the farmer and the sheep dogs are working together. The fence is built to keep us in.

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