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I have a serious question about Muslim behavior?

when a married Muslim woman is getting a lot of phone calls from a guy and talking to him and she's really really excited to talk to him, and this man is not her husband, is this against the Muslim laws about men and women being friends? She also claims it was for work but I know for a fact that it was it for work because what she was supposed to be working on with him was already finished. so it  doesn't explain her behavior unless she's trying to hide it for some reason but there's no reason why she should try to hide it. I don't know of any trouble between her and her husband like in her immediate family or anything, but I do know that she had been married for several years and the guy was not related to her   . but I was not in any way shape or form a Muslim  I don't understand is it something that Muslim women are supposed to hide or is it just is it okay to like talk to people and get lots of calls   ?

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    It depends whether her husband permits it. According to Allah, according to Mohammed, according to the Koran, women need to "obey" their husband, simple as that. That is the beginning and end of the matter. 

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    Ask your question in Society and Culture. You are not seeking advice.

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