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How many female military pilots were there during World War 2?

I don’t know if there were any female military aviators who have fought in World War 1, but many of them have fought in World War 2. The one like Shirley Slade, she flew bomber airplanes during World War 2, wonder who she was fighting against during the War, but she flew B-26 and B-39 bomber planes for the American Military. Even the British Royal Air Force also had female fighter pilots in their squadrons flying Spitfire fighter aircraft. 

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    The US had many female military pilots  but they were not combat pilots

    The flew bombers from the US to UK , they flew planes around to different US bases but none were assigned to combat units

  • Anonymous
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    the RAF None BUT we used women Pilots to deliver and Pick up Military Aircraft to and From the Factories and the Matence depots

    the ATA had 1,152 pilots (male) 168 pilots (female)

    During the war the ATA flew 415,000 hours and delivered more than 309,000[4] aircraft of 147 types, including Spitfires, Hawker Hurricanes, Mosquitoes, Mustangs, Lancasters, Halifaxes, Fairey Swordfish, Fairey Barracudas and Fortresses.

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    Russia had 80 women (known as "The Night Witches") fly combat missions during World War II.  

    The "Women's Airforce Service Pilots" ("WASPs") in the United States ferried planes from the factories to the military.  These women supported the military; they were not in the military.  The WASPs were retro-actively made part of the military in 1977.

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    none in tghe US, they had female pilots who delievered aircraft, but none who flew in a combat zone

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    She was a WASP pilot, basically she flew planes from the manufacturer to sites that prepared the planes for combat.  The English had a similar system.  They never saw combat.  Only the Russians had female combat pilots and they weren't common.  

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