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What causes postpartum?

I'm aware of how mothers and fathers go through it with their babies all the time but what actually triggers it? Is it the crying of the baby that makes you depressed? Is it the new routines of the baby, is it the exhaustion from the full time responsibility? I'm very curious to know what makes the person depressed at the time of parenthood thanks 


Thank you both answers :) 

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    For women - it is the hormone changes that happen after the birth of the baby.  Their hormones are trying to change back from pregnancy hormones to normal hormones and it can cause mood changes, irritability, and depression.

    Then add in the sleepless nights from caring for a newborn and it can become overwhelming for some women especially if they don't have good support from either their partner (father of baby) or family or friends.

    For fathers - it is the lack of sleep and the stress of the responsibility of now having an actual family to care for.   So, for men, it is more just emotional stress and not due to chemical and hormone imbalances.  

    Not all parents experience this depression.  Some parents can get through the newborn stage without going into postpartum depression or having noticeable issues with those changes.  

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    Change in hormone levels.  Some new moms have very little change.  Her hormone levels are well in tune.

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