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How does water occur in the universe?

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    Water is formed when hydrogen and oxygen combine.

    There is a lot of hydrogen and oxygen in space, its easy for them to combine.

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    oxygen and hydrogen 

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    Water is the single most abundant compound in the universe.

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    Hydrogen is the most common element in the Universe; I believe Oxygen is about the 4th or 5th most common, so the occurrence of water isn't surprising...

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    Gas and solid. Liquid water, especially surface water is extremely rare.

    Now, would you like to know about the many other substances that exist in the universe? There are vast quantities of hydrogen in the universe. It too is mostly gas, but may exist in other forms such as liquid under some circumstances. Rock is quite common. Mostly it is solid, but is sometimes liquid (magma). There is also clear evidence of lakes of liquid methane in some places. There is also evidence of liquid sulphur and perhaps liquid carbon dioxide.

    So you see, despite what those pop-science articles go on about, the universe is far more diverse than just water. In fact if you are interested in water you are in the right place: the earth has plenty of it. And you only need to go as far as your nearest seashore or lake for evidence.

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    Hydrogen and oxygen are common elements and liable to combine, then certain conditions allow pressure and temperature which are compatible with liquid oxidane.

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    Usually, as ice.

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    god put it there

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    It occurs when 2 atoms of H combine with 1 atom of O

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    Two parts Hydrogen, One Part Oxygen.

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