What could be causing my dry eyes?

For a couple of weeks I've had dry eyes with red veins. Which of the following could be causing them. My vision is great and I don't wear glasses or contacts and I have no medical history with eyes.

1) I took anti histamines for 5 weeks twice a day in June ish 2020 2) I literally started to eat once a day since March of 2020, barely giving me 1200 cals/day.3) I had hives last spring which started eczema and KP on my skin. not sure if that impacts eyes

4) lack of exercise in quarantine 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    None of those things is likely to be related to dry eyes now.

    I have dry eye, especially in one eye. The causes are usually dehydration, so mild I don't even feel thirsty, and the same focus for hours (like a computer screen). In hindsight, it probably started when I was a freshman in college.

    If you allow it to continue, you get plaques on the eye surface in addition to the red veins, and it'll feel like there's something in your eye all the time. You don't want that.

    My ophthalmologist recommends:

    Systane eye drops any time your eyes are even slightly uncomfortable. (And never, ever Visine, which can make it worse.)

    Be hydrated all the time (so your pee has almost no color).

    20-20-20--every twenty minutes, look away from the screen for twenty seconds at something about twenty feet away (or farther). Set a timer. Every fifteen or even ten minutes is better, for me anyway.

    Take an omega-3 supplement daily.

    Eat fish rich in omega-3 twice a week.

    Any time your eyes feel noticeably dry, scratchy, itchy, etc., leave the computer(or whatever screen or reading material you're using). Go drink a glass of water and stay away from all screens and reading for a half hour.

    Right before you go to bed, apply a compress as hot as you can tolerate (you don't want to scald your skin!) to the eyes for three minutes. This will unblock oil glands that are part of the makeup of tears. If your vision is blurry, that's working. (Your dreams will still be in focus.)

  • Bob
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Tear ducts are not working properly. Therefore your eyes are not lubricated.

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