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What do I do in court (speeding ticket)?

So I got a speeding ticket in a school zone back in November. I honestly did not know that the school zone lights were on because it was like 11am or so and where I am from the lights are only on from 7am to 8-am then from 3pm -4pm.

I had only been in the area for a couple months. I NEVER got a ticket before, and I genuinely can’t really afford the ticket but I have the money to pay it. 

People have gave me mixed advice but I don’t know what to do??

Do I plead guilty, admit my mistake and ask for a lower price?

Plead not guilty because I didn’t even know why i was being pulled over at all, and tell them I was only in the area for a short amount of time so I wasn’t familiar?

I’m so scared, and really don’t want to screw up. Please don’t be mean to me.

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    By saying you didn't see the sign, you are admitting to not paying attention. That will not do you any favor with the court.  

    If you plea not guilty, you should get a chance to meet with the prosecutor before the trial at which point he may offer a reduced fine to avoid the time and expense of a trial, or you can just take your chances with the judge. 

    Some courts offer diversionary programs such as community service or traffic school to keep it off your record. Not everyone can afford to pay the ticket at once, so it is also common for the court to offer a payment program. You won't know unless you contact the court clerk or appear in person and ask the judge. 

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    You were speeding in a school zone.  It's just that simple.  You COULD enter a guilty with explanation (in my State), proving your driving record is clean, you are unfamiliar with the area, whatever else caused you to be speeding.  The Judge might be sympathetic, but the Judge might be annoyed that you are taking up the Court's time instead of just entering a guilty plea and paying the fine.  In MY State school zone speed limits are in effect all day, every day of the year.  That includes school breaks.  There is no "slow down during these certain hours."  Where are you?

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    You ARE guilty based on what you say here.

    Your LAME excuse is legally worthless even if proven.

    Depending on the jurisdiction, the judge may not have any discretion about the amount of the fine. Where I live, the law spells out the fine amount and ONLY the legislature can change it.

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