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Can a relationship like this work?

I met a pole in the uk and I am from the balkans. He is handsome and kind and always cares about me and he's kind and helpful with me although I am shy and blush when he's around. Everything about him screams perfection although he is just a simple worker. Could he ever like someone from my region or do poles amhave prejudice about people from the balkans?

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  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    From my experience living in the UK people from the Balkans are far more prejudiced about other groups than are people from Poland. So maybe it's you who need to check your xenophobic nature. Poles are in the EU now and they're used to multiculturalism to some degree. Meanwhile you're of a crew so inflexible the UN literally had to send in soldiers to keep you from massacring your neighbors. 

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