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Does usb-c fast charging provide less cycles than standard usb, does it harm batteries?

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    It largely depends how well the fast charging system is automatically managed, but yes it will likely reduce battery life cycles a bit if done daily.    Fast charging pushes the limit of the battery. It is automatically managed by monitoring the battery's temperature and charge level.   A good charging chip will do it safely, but I'm quite skeptical that it does it in a manner than will allow you to maintain most of the capacity beyond the 2 year mark.  Unfortunately manufacturers don't have much incentive to help maintain batteries typically well out of warranty.  A good way to tell how "safe" your fast charge is by simply feeling how warm your phone gets.   If you are using a charger every day that really heats your phone up it's likely causing some damage to the longevity of the battery.     If you have the time to wait (like an overnight charge) it's best to stick with chargers that max out around 10 watts.  That said you shouldn't fear an occasional 20W+ quick charge when you don't have time to wait.  Just don't make it a daily habit.   Apple designed a "battery saver" feature that must be enabled which automatically slows down the battery charge when it anticipates the phone will be plugged in for awhile based on your previous habits. It does work, but I still try to manage it manually by simply not plugging it into a high wattage charger for overnight charges.  

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    The USB connection is just a power source.

    The actual charge control system is built in to the device and matched to whatever battery it contains.

    The type of USB power unit it's connected to makes no difference, other than not being able to fast charge if the current rating is not high enough.

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    Yeah but I have an s7 that I fast charged every day and the battery still lasted 4+ years. 

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    It shouldn't, because batteries that can fast charge will, older batteries that can't, won't. At least not while the charging parts of the phone and battery are working properly. 

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