Do i need to temper chocolate for coating cookies?

im making shortbread cookies and im wanting to coat them in milk chocolate i was wondering whether i should temper the chocolate before dipping them or at least attempt, Im also unsure on a method of dipping them to get an even coat on including the bottom and how to dry them when dipped

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  • 2 months ago
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    Yes, you do. I will add in an easy recipe in sources to follow. 

    There are a few methods you can try and each of them will require PATIENCE on your part. Dipping cookies and making them look a certain way could take a few hours, or even overnight to achieve the desired results.

    1. Place finished cookies on cooling rack, allow to cool COMPLETELY. You can even put them in the fridge 30 minutes after you take them out of the oven. This is very important, as warm cookies will cause your chocolate to not solidify and slip off.

    2. Place parchment paper under cooling racks.

    3. Take your tempered chocolate and spoon chocolate over them, covering them completely. Allow to harden/dry COMPLETELY, then turn cookies over and coat bottoms same way, allow to dry. You will need to measure how much chocolate to use and clean up over-spill on the sides, should there be any. The parchment paper beneath the racks will catch any drips and makes for easy clean up.

    4. The half and half method involves hand-dipping the cookies into the pot of chocolate, allowing one half to dry, then hand-dipping the other half. This works ok, but only if you don't care about how the bottoms of the cookies look, as the cooling racks will cause lines as they are drying. You can wait until the cookies are completely dry, then fill in the lines with chocolate and a toothpick as needed. 

    If your chocolate is not tempered correctly, you may end up with melty, runny chocolate that won't stick or clumpy, lumpy chocolate that won't spread at all, so this may take a few trial runs. Test some cheap, store-bought cookies first before you do this on your shortbread to make sure you have everything running smoothly when you do the final runthrough. Good luck!

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