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Is this sexist?

There was a man who said his female boss was being an a**hole to everyone. He and his colleagues would laugh at her every time she acted that way. When I asked the man why he said 'Because it's not expected for women to act that way'. Isn't that an entitled attitude to have? It's implying that all women should be respectful and kind  at all times but men are allowed to be disrespectful and cruel because apparently it's not expected from them. Double standards.

I was thinking, where is he from? Nowadays women are seen as equal to men at least officially so the 'it's expected for women to be good/ kind/ non-dominant at all times' mentality is not modern or the status quo. There have always been plenty of a**holes that are  women. Will he also laugh at her if she fires him for mocking her? I bet he'd have a lot of internalised anger. It wouldn't be funny then if he's being honest with himself which proves that you shouldn't laugh at a woman just because she's a woman. Nobody should be cruel on purpose but a woman should be taken as seriously as a man. Who knows, perhaps some women had an abusive past which made them become a**holes.I can only imagine if this same man has a mother who is not an a**hole but he perceives her to be one and when the mother's angry, he laughs at her every time she's angry. That's disrespect for another person just because they're female because if it were the father, he would take him seriously.


@Bill, your answer is biased and based on personal experience. Other people will have experienced the opposite, that male bosses were mostly a**holes to them and that males tend to misuse their positions of authority and therefore there should be less male bosses. In reality, it's not the person's sex that is to blame, it's their character. 

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    I agree.

    I notice this when people insist that preteen/teen girls are supposedly vicious and mean.

    Turns out boys are just as mean if not more. People just expect that type of cruelty from males which is a problem unto itself.

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    Studies have been done wherein male authority figures and female authority figures were given the same speech to read from. Almost without deviation the man were deemed "in charge" or "on top of it" whereas the women were called "b*tchy" or "shrill". So there is definitely a social bias toward females in power positions. People will just generally accept more authoritarianism from a man than from a woman. 

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