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Is it weird that I go shopping with a luggage? Everyone was staring at me?

My car stopped working and I'm not able to afford it, it's gone. The grocery store is a 10 minute walk so I don't want to waste money on a bus or a taxi. I'm not financially stable at all. Its been 7 weeks since my car stopped working. I go shopping once every 2 weeks for groceries. I'm trying to save up so I don't spend so much money. The last time I went shopping, I had to carry very heavy bags home and it took a toll on my shoulders. Plus I wasn't able to get everything I needed. I did this twice and my shoulder and even wrists were hurting really bad. The shopping store is only a 10 minute walk so there's no need to spend money on anything but it hurts. One night I was sitting in bed trying to think of a way I can carry all my groceries. I remembered I had a medium sized traveling luggage and I was happy to think of such a good idea. I took that luggage out with me shopping for groceries and everyone was staring at me when I had it in the cart. I even bought bottled waters/sodas with me because the luggage did all the work carrying them. I did not struggle having to carry it but everyone in the store was staring at me. Is my idea dumb? 

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    It is a good idea and I would not worry about people looking at you. I doubt if people were looking as much as you think. 

    Anything with wheels is a good idea. 

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    It worked, didn't it?  So it was a good idea.  Let people stare.  They don't know your story.  If they did, they would concur that you're doing the right thing.

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