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If you stay at a lower end hotel/motel do you still re expect it to be clean and odor free?

We are a carpet cleaning company. If you put a 20 mile radius about 10 miles west of here you will find about 70 motels. Perhaps 40 are part of 1 or 2 star chains. About 10 are 1 star independently owned. About 15 are 3 star chains. Perhaps 5 are 4 star, some chains, some not, most resorts.

We go after the 1-2 star places because more of them than everyone else. There are about 10 known for welfare, drugging, taking 17 year olds, short stay rates and prostitution. I stay away from the seediest places. We clean carpet, upholstery, beds, curtains, etc. A lot of the time a maid will strip all the linens out of the room and we will clean and sanitize everything. My machine produces 190° hot water, almost steam, which technically is 212° or more

 We pre-treat with a cleaner that contains some disinfectant. It is labelled as a sanitizer and deodorizer for soft surfaces. Very few products are labelled in this manner.

Most of the owners are Indian. This is make work in the slow season for us. Problem is most don't want it or if they do, they want it for less than minimum wage. They don't care. s their customers I think you do. You will b e more likely to write a positive review on Google, TripAdvisor, etc. How do I convince them this is good for them and their customers want it? Thanks

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    I am sorry but as motel user I just don’t trust any motels or for that matter any hotels. The last motel I stayed at before The China Virus had just been completed 4 months before and had a yellow stain on the lamp shade where there used to be a condom. If you want people to trust your cleaning more, then you must ensure that the room is completely stain and condom free. Also I greatly appreciate the efforts of you and your staff, you seem like you completely care about your service and that means a lot to me the consumer.

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    Yes, absolutely.  I prefer Super 8 motels.  They are not as high as some but are always nice and clean.

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    Yes, I would expect it to be clean and odor free.

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