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Are there any organs that we haven't been able to make artificially ?

I know the human body is INCREDIBLY complex, but if there are organs we are unable to make artificially, why are we not able to do so? 

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    Virtually all of them.  They've been able to make a bladder artificially but that's about all so far other than heart valves and bits of metal nailed in place of bones.  Stem cell research looks promising but a major problem is that gravity makes it difficult to create three dimensional shapes from them, they tend to end up with a puddle of cells instead.  Some research has been done in space but that's not going to supply all the organs they need.

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    > why are we not able to do so?

    Mainly because we have no idea how to make a system of bloodvessels good enough to keep all the cells of the entire organ alive.

    What we can do is grow *sheets* of cells in a nourishing liquid, an if you roll up a sheet you get a *tube*.

    So tubes and very flat pieces of tissue can be grown from your own cells, but that's about it

    Source(s): happened to see a presentation about it
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