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Scared of brain tumor ?

I’ve been smelling things not here along with headaches for over year.

Recently I’ve been kinda dizzy, nauseous, and sharp pains in my head these past few days. 

I have an MRI tomorrow but I’m really scared. I’m 19


I did go to the doctor but none would push for an MRI. I would brush it to the side because I do suffer with depression and anxiety so I believed what they told me until my ENT just referred for an MRI recently.

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    An MRI-scan uses vibrating magnets to form slices of radiation that map your brain. I have had 5 MRIs in 20 years, and different manufacturers of MRI machine are Siemens, GE, Hatachi, Varian. Each machine vibrating magnets sound differently as you lie on your back and requested you remain still not to change the image of your brain. The last MRI was a little noisy and I counted the different sounds emitted from the machine. I think the number of vibrating- magnets sounds were 9. You will be bored lying on your back, so plan to live in your head for maybe 40-50 minutes of noise. For your information, some brain tumors are removed with small tools that enter the brain through your nasal sinuses. Some places that use MRI machines will allow you to wear headphones and select your choice of music.

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    A year and no doctor until now?

    Of course you are scared.   Who wouldn't be?

    You can't change the past.

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    I had a brain tumor removed in 2001. My only advice to you will be to (If the mri finds one) ask your doctor is there any possible way to treat it with something other than surgery. They may be able to treat it with a seizure med and headache meds for that. Brain surgery changed my life drastically. I had a high paying tech job I lost due to it, my fiancee left me because she said it changed my personality too much, my friends became very distant, ...lots of memory, reading, and other whatever possible to avoid the surgery!@

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    sounds more like a transient eschemic attack . ( TIA ) or mini stroke . 

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