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Is inherited citizenship given to someone's future spouse as well?

For example, if someone was born in France but one of their parents was born in the United States, the child will have US citizenship 

I know that citizenship attained in this manner is not further inherited by their children, but if that person never leaves France, will their US citizenship also be given to their spouse when they marry?

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    No way! Marriage does not confer citizenship, and does not even guarantee a visa to enter the spouse's country! You can apply for a visa (or for US, US-citizen spouse RESIDING in US could petition for their foreign spouse's immigration), but no guarantee any visa or immigration will be allowed.

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    At one time a wife received her husband's citizenship on marriage and lost her citizenship of origin if she moved to his country but that is no longer the case anywhere in the world, as far as I know.  Unusually, France allows the spouse of a French national to apply for citizenship after 5 years of marriage with no residency requirement.  Excellent written and spoken French are required. 

    Rules about inheriting citizenship from a parent vary by country.  Some only descend one generation of foreign born, others descend indefinitely.

    Most countries do not have birthright citizenship so, in your example, the child of a US citizen born in France would not automatically acquire French citizenship unless the other parent was French or a legal permanent resident.

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    Not unless the couple moves to the US and the French spouse undergoes the permanent resident and naturalization process. Even a US citizen who lived most of their life in the US can't "give" a spouse US citizenship unless they're living in the US. TBH there's no reason to even want US citizenship unless you're planning to live there. It just means having to file a US tax return every year and there's certainly no advantage these days in identifying as an American abroad. 

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    Nope, absolutely not. 

    The spouse doesn't get citizenship, or even rights to live with their spouse in their country, without first acquiring the appropriate visa; generally they have to then live in that country for several years before citizenship's an option.

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    No.getting married doesn't give the spouse citizenship. the spouse will need to get a spousal visa and qualify by living in the country for the number of years legally before they can appky for naturalisation.......and if they never live in the US legally they have no chance of gaining citizenship

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    U.S. citizenship is no longer given to anyone's spouse.  Even after marrying a citizen, a person still has to live in the U.S. for years to become a citizen.

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    No.  Spouses do not get citizenship of the person they marry - period.  It would have to be applied for.

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