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What think of people living in these huge homes in upper class neighborhoods.? are they mostly the 1 % corrupt elite ? why or not?

how depends? why someone would need to drive 4-5 vehicles that cost a total of at least half a million dollars?


i mean when people talk about "the elite"..they are talking about the top 1 percent wealthiest people in any town or city? right?

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  • Foofa
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    I live in a place where the wealthy pay almost all the income and property taxes that support the largest poverty pocket in the country. But the true "1%" aren't as numerous as you imagine and they generally have various homes in various places. So you may not be looking at exclusively that class when you see a large home in an "upper class" neighborhood. A lot of people who live in these places have to work pretty damn hard to keep them and they're not living on trust funds or stock dividends for the most part. 

  • 2 months ago

    I think they're paying huge property tax on that in my state.   A rich man sat next to me in the city symphony. He remarked his home was worth a million dollars, in conversation. We heard the same music in the performance. When we die, we'll both be just dirt in the ground.

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