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How to become a voice actor?

I’m 17 and have always wanted to be a voice actor growing up, for anyone with expirience for this type of thing how would I start?

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    Almost all voice-work goes to fully-trained and very experienced actors - they do the occasional bit of voice-acting just to earn a little extra money in between ordinary acting roles.  This is especially true at present, when there's very little movie or TV filming going on and virtually no stage productions.

    I mean - think about it. You have a role to fill in a cartoon or commercial or whatever - who do you choose to audition - a kid with no experience or a professional actor with a fantastic résumé showing years at drama school and loads of stage and film experience?

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    1 month ago

    Voice acting IS acting. Therefore, to become a voice actor you need to pursue regular acting. You can't be just a voice actor. Voice actors are basically regular actors who've landed voice gigs among other types of acting gigs.

    Secondly, you can't just show up to auditions for professional jobs. Those are not open to general public. Professional productions invest tons of money and they need to know it's in the hands of people who know what they're doing. The way it works is, in short, whenever casting for a new project begins a casting director is hired. The casting director creates a "character breakdown" of the roles they're looking to fill based on their age-range, looks, ethnicity, special skills, etc. They then approach the best talent agents in town. Agents they know and trust. The agents go over their client database and submit the clients they believe may fit those specific roles. Meaning, they send them the resumes, headshots and demo reels of said clients. Then the casting director invites to audition only the handful *they* believe may fit those roles. The actors will then come in and audition as many times as needed till only one gets each role.

    You can't hire an agent. No legit agent will even consider you unless you have a strong resume that proves you have the skills, talent, and knowledge to book professional jobs to begin with. Agents make money only if and when their client books a job. They take %. So they're very selective as to who they take on. They only take on highly-experienced and highly-trained talented people.

    So where do you start? You start at square one: adopting a realistic and mature approach. Then you start building your resume: Apply to a top-quality acting school (where well-known and respected teachers teach and successful professionals graduated from, not just any acting classes). Get yet more training in the form of workshops and masterclasses and the such (also run by well-known and respected people). In addition, start auditioning for any local non-professional work you can, such as student and indie films. Also audition for or join a youth and/or community theater. Anything that doesn't require an agent, basically. If you want to be considered for voice gigs, also look into things like indies, student films, webseries, etc. In addition, take vocal lessons. Use this time to grow as a performer. Constantly land leading roles. Win awards for your acting. Also study and master other skills to give your resume a boost (for example: dancing, horseback riding, ice-skating, martial arts, acrobatics, dialects, mime, etc.).

    That's the kind of resume legit agents look for. It takes about a decade to build it, give or take. Understand that. Understand that by the time you'll be ready for an agent and for professional jobs you'll be about 27-years-old.

    Once you have an impressive resume under your belt, unless you want to work locally rather than nationally, you move to LA (or NYC, with just less opportunities but more for theater) and continue getting training and experience till someone you've worked with and impressed (like a producer, a director, an acting teacher or even a fellow actor) will be willing to refer you to an agent. That's how you usually get one. Other ways rarely work. If you manage to get a (good!) agent, you'll be able to start going to real auditions and maybe you'll get some for voice. There are no guarantees. Understand that. Because, theoretically, you may be invited to 100 auditions a year or you may never be invited to any auditions, voice or otherwise. There's no way to know, luck plays a huge part in this. Also understand that priority is given to experienced, well-known, and established actors and members of the SAG-AFTRA, so chances are they will be the ones getting the jobs or even the auditions.

    Other than that, since you need to pursue acting in general, you need to be open to do any kind of project: TV, movies including indies, theater, commercials, etc. Otherwise no agent will want to represent you. There's just not enough voice acting opportunities. From an agent's standpoint it makes no sense for a client to limit themselves this way. Remember, this is show BUSINESS. No one's in this to make your dreams come true, they're in this to make money.

    With that being said, before you go and invest so much time, money, and work, research all about the business side. You need to know all about the industry, how it works, how you fit into it, and how to navigate it. Asking random people on YA! is not doing your research. Backstage. com would be a good place to start. Also, make sure it's even worth it, especially if you've never done any real acting before: Get into some local low-key acting classes. Listen to the feedback. See if you can handle it. See if you're good at the craft and if you enjoy it. See if it's for you at all. See if you're capable of pursuing it on a professional level - mentally, physically, and financially. And most importantly, make sure you have a true passion for the CRAFT itself as opposed to the fantasy of what you THINK it's like.

    Since you're a minor, your parents MUST be involved, including actively. They will be the ones running your career till you're 18. So you'll need their support, including financial. Have them research the business with you. If they don't support your goal, you'll have to wait till you're 18... Then again, since you're almost 18 and since you can't do much with COVID-19 still around, you might as well wait a little while anyway.

    Good luck!

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