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is it true that the vast majority of illegal immigrants in the USA simply overstayed their visas after flying into cities inside the US?

if so, what was the urgency of the border wall? Why Trump did not make sure the EMPLOYERS were punished for breaking the past and current Federal laws. and put out of business?

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    About half of all illegal aliens in the US overstayed a visa, and about half entered illegally. So the border wall is a critical element in reducing illegal immigration, and especially reducing crimes such as drug trafficking, child trafficking, other smuggling operations, and other criminal operations. Since the majority of illegal aliens do NOT work, fining employers for hiring illegal aliens is not sufficient. Furthermore, of those illegal aliens who do get jobs (less than 25% of illegal aliens!), they use stolen SSNs, identities, so when employers check, these people e-verify. You have to go after the illegal aliens themselves, e.g. convict those using stolen SSNs/identities to obtain employment of identity theft & fraud, make them pay the $10,000 fine.

    Just because the mainstream media has done little reporting of visa/immigration enforcement actions - except where they can turn their story into anti-Trump or anti-Republican or anti-immigration enforcement propaganda - does not mean there has not been any. Go to original source data to get accurate info.

  • Foofa
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    The vast majority of those in the nation illegally are visa overstayers. But the DHS lingo on that doesn't call them "illegal aliens". Because they entered "with inspection" they're "out of status" rather than the statutory term for those who just walk in without benefit of a visa. Trump didn't go after the employers of illegals and out of status persons because he's one of the biggest offenders on that (and so are his friends). 

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    1 month ago

    Not good for them because you cannot fly now unless cleared by a doctor. 

    If they are illegal on the street no way to get home now. 

    Sad for Hispanics on the street; maybe they should go to the dump to sort trash for money for food. 

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    Not exactly.

    The vast majority of persons who have been in the U.S. legally simply overstayed their visas by a short amount of time and then left.

    However, the vast majority of those who are in the U.S. at any given moment are those who came over the border without visas and stayed much longer.

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    first question, no...that is not true... that is propaganda aimed at those who don't know that the government tracks people that overstay visas but not the hundreds of thousands that walk across the borders...

    second question....preservation of resources.... if you had a finite number of resources available, would you rather commit them to certain areas and checkpoints, or would you just have them spread out over thousands of square miles?

    third question.... quite simply (and I'm sure even you know this) both parties profit from illegal immigration too much to actually stop it...laws are in place to protect employers, which makes the GOP happy.... those laws require multiple layers of bureaucracy and allow for employers to be fined for numerous violations..all of which require teams of lawyers to resolve... which makes the big-government DNC, backed by Big Law lobbyists ....happy...

  • Ivan
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    1 month ago

    No, that is false. The vast majority slipped over the southern border and never left. Mexicans are the vast majority.

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    There's an old saying:  Every problem that is complicated and hard to talk about has a simple, easy-to-explain answer that's wrong.

    Trump's fans (and a lot of Republicans in general) are upset about whites losing their majority in the US.  It's a big, complex, insoluble problem (if you consider it a problem at all.  I don't).  There's not a lot we can do about it because white middle-class people aren't having babies these days--and this is a problem all across the developed world.

    The simple (but wrong) solution is to blame it on immigration, greatly exaggerate ILLEGAL immigration, and build a wall!  Simple to explain. Simple to do!  But it will have no real effect.  Republicans have been advocating the wall for decades now, but even the people whose job it is to protect the border know it won't work.

    Republicans have had simple/wrong answers for all our problems for decades now, while all these problems have steadily gotten worse!  High unemployment?  Give money to rich people!  Rising crime?  Double prison sentences and increase use of the death penalty!  Underperforming schools?  Close the schools that perform worst!

    And ironically, the worse these 'solutions' work, the worse the problems get, and the more Republican voters love these simple/ineffective solutions!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    With libtards taking over the WH that should no longer be of concern as every illegal degenerate will be welcomed into the USA with open arms. Stock up on guns and ammo.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I would predict that is true and is something I've been complaining about for a while. We need to purge all of the undocumented citizens regardless of their home country. Britain, France, Brazil, Japan, China, Mexico, if they are remaining here illegally they gotta go.

  • 1 month ago

    Yes that is true, most undocumented immigrants are people who came to the US legally and then overstayed their visas.  The border wall was just a stupid idea to keep Trump on-message about immigration.  It serves no real purpose.

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