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Do iron levels vary depending on what part of the finger is princked? ?


Every week I visit my local blood bank in order to donate platelets  however I'm often rejected because of low iron levels.. When I'm able to donate my iron levels are barely acceptable (at 13.1 or 13.2) and then I have to wait about 4 weeks in order to be able to donate again...

Anyways, 2 weeks ago I was able to donate platelets... my iron levels was at 13.1 that time... (It had been 4 weeks since my last donation..). , now, this week I visited my local blood bank though I was very certain that I was going to be rejected but I still wanted to try.... and to my surprise my iron levels were at 13.9! and again, I had donated the prior week! so I'm trying to figure out why this last time my iron levels were a lot higher than usually... and something I remember is that the technician didn't prink my finger at the usual spot which is the center  part of the finger but instead he princked a side of my finger.. and I felt a higher level of pain than usually.. Could this explain why my iron levels were higher than usually? I don't know if this question sounds crazy.. I guess theoritically it shouldn't matter what part of the finger was princked... however, sometimes they test my iron levels twice and I always notice that the second test shows a reading that is at least 1 point higher/lower than the first test.

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Thank you guys for your answers! Walter, it seems that  Australia's blood banks are way more strict than U.S. blood banks. Where I live we can donate platelets once a week and males must have a hemoglobin of at least 13 g/dL. Since blood banks are so strict in your country I wonder if they experience blood shortages.

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    Not significantly,  no.

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    --  No, they do not vary. Sometimes, if you are donating blood and the finger-prick test come back slightly low, they will wait a few minutes then take a test from the vein in your arm where they take the blood donation from and send that up to the lab for a more accurate test than the finger-prick test. Once the result comes back the nurses then take your blood or not.

    --  I am surprised you are giving every week, as here in Australia a donor can only give platelets once every two weeks and whole blood once every three months.--  From the results you are giving, and you being rejected because of low Red blood count, you must be a male. The Healthy limits for a male are between 14 and 17.5 while for a female it is between 12.3 and 15.3.

    Source(s): A former whole blood and platelet donor with over 210 donations from 1963 to 2001. Discontinued in 2001 because of consistent low red blood count.
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    The blood is the same regardless of where you take it from.

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