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How do i get over someone I NEVER HAD?!?! Like my doctor ughh?

Ugh!!! I hate this... so, im embarrassed to confess that I fell in love with my doctor and i thought id be seeing him a lot, and i did see him for procedures. Today I found out i would not be able to see him anymore because he no longer takes my insurance for routine visits it is only covered for procedures.  He might have mentioned this to me months ago but of course i forgot anyways... i am sad because i wont be seeing him often anymore, until maybe in another 3 months the worst part is that i got really close to him:( well it was one sided lol, but i mean i just feel like i started liking him as more than just my doctor ugh i hate myself... how do i get over it... maybe its for the best i never would have done anything of course but he was very empathetic too and one of the best doctors I've had and now... I'm going back to my main doctor who sucks!


I hope it does go away soon!:( I don't think I can forget him. I know it's crazy but I really felt like it was more than just a crush. I really liked everything about him his humor, his intelligence, his empathy, his personality, and I know he always wanted the best for me of course he was my doctor... I just didn't realize that he already knew that eventually id be seeing him less. It breaks my heart... I really wish things were different... i hate when i start liking men that i can never have

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    This feeling will disappear faster than you think. A lot of patients crush on their doctor, it's normal, it's happened to me, but I found it soon went away when I saw them no more. 

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    There is nothing you need to do to "get over it." Time will cause those feelings to fade on their own. 

    Short term, a good way to relieve this or any type of stressful emotions is physical exercise.

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