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What is the least destructive cigarette brand?

I know Marlboro, Newport, Kool, Camel, and other bug companies have more nicotine in their cigs. There is a brand called American Spirit with the highest nicotine. But it doesn't have all the other added chemicals that the previously named brands do. But they give me a headache. So, more nicotine but less overall chemicals doesn't necessarily mean less destructive. I usually smoke Pall Malls and Cheyennes. Cheyennes are little cigars. Im not sure if they have nicotine, but they could. Ive heard any brand of "little cigar" is actually more harmful than any cigarette. But Pall Malls, because they burn more slowly, they do more damage (that is, if you smoke the whole thing). Theyre the only brand that can get me out of breath after just one.

So, does anyone know what the least harmful and destructive (not "safer") cigarette is? I want to start buying that brand. (And btw, the cheaper cigs have a really strong chemical taste to them. So those are excluded.)

And yes, I know, I should just quit. But I'm trying to slack off and I want to buy the least dangerous.


I ask here because it's the closest category to heart and lung health.

Update 2:

Obviously there is. If some are more dangerous, then one or many brands have to be the least dangerous. Like reversing the accelerating expanding universe back to a singularity. Duh.

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    sorry but there is no such thing

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