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With China being a huge country, does the culture, social practices, dialects, cuisine vary heavily from North to South and East to West ?

Anybody of Chinese origin/ethnicity who has some knowledge on this ?

for instance,  If I was in North China and visited Southern China what 'differences' would I notice ?

Also for somebody who has next to no knowledge of China, and wishes to visit and tour various parts of that great land, what advice could you give me ?

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    I don't know much about China, but I know their dialects drastically change (from mainland to the south east) to the point they're given different names- Mandarin & Cantonese are the two main ones you might have heard of.

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    OF course- there are huge differences. You can look up some of the Chinese ethnicities- Han is the largest group, but even they are divided up into sub-groups, like Hakka and Hunan. The food is very different in different areas, too. There's Cantonese food, which is the most common in the US, but you'll also see restaurants called Szechuan (very spicy) and Hunan, among others. There were centuries of development of language, cuisine and culture before China became a united country. There are even the Uygurs, who are Muslim. 

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