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Entity showed me Hell in a dream but I wasn't scared, meaning?

I was above hell on a sort of patio with a railing. There was a large entity showing me the hell below. There was a sea of dark red, and disfigured creatures were sticking out of the ground tortured in an internal suffering that they could not escape. The entity never spoke but merely showed me the suffering of these beings below. The only thing that was uncomfortable was I pulled a string out of my mouth and and it kept coming out and i myself was in some internal loop of never getting to the end of the string.

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    Your journey through hell sounds like something right out of Dante's "Inferno."  Ever heard of it?  The large entity seems to be the master of hell, the devil himself, Satan.  He pointed out those who were suffering, below the patio you were standing on.  But you felt no fear. Never getting to the end of the string, is like never getting out of hell.  It goes on forever, and ever as it is "an internal loop" of suffering that they could never escape. 

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    oh my that sounds very spooky. did you watch any scarey movies lately sometimes when i watch scarey movies i have spooky dreamns.

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