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How would you feel and see this man if you were in this situation?

How would you feel being a girl in a relationship with someone that had a threesome 7 years ago that wasn’t even that good? And the girl has to live with knowing his past when she has never had a past and part of her wants to have some fun but doesn’t want to lose the guy she’s with cause he loves her like crazy 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You know what? Break up with him. Seriously, I mean it.

    You've been posting this question over and over again, sometimes several times a day, and gotten what... hundreds of answers combined? I've answered you before as well, encouraging you to let it go, but clearly you can't.

    Nothing anyone can say or do will make you feel better about it. All you are doing is wasting your time, his time, and the time of everyone here who takes the time to answer you. So, break up with him, and in the future, don't get involved with anyone who has a sexual past.

  • OTTO
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    2 months ago

    Just accept him as he is and let things play out like they play out. Relax. Let life happen. He was curious and tried it. You are curious but don't have to try it. If he is faithful to you and you to him, you will avoid the risk of catching HERPES!!

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