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Does she like me? What should I do next to get to know her more?

I met this girl on a dating app. She asked me if I wanted to be friends. I said sure. We talked for a while then I posted once that a woman told me my face is attractive. This girl came to me and told me that she finds me attractive and she said that I seem easy to hug. Today she talked me first and she said she missed talking to me. I said as a joke that maybe she should move to my city, she lives in another city. She said she doesn’t mind visiting to my city. 

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    Dating do know what dating is, don't you? It's when you make dates to see someone. So make a date to see this girl. Ask her if she would like to do something with you. Have coffee, have lunch, visit an art gallery, see a play, go for a walk, feed ducks in the park, whatever activity you think you would both enjoy.

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