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How to personalize a courthouse wedding?

Due to covid, we decided to get married at our local courthouse next month with our parents and grandparents present. We’re both low key & simple people but I really want to make this day as special as I can. We’re doing champagne & cupcakes after the ceremony and then off to an elegant lunch with our parents after. Any ideas for the ceremony or the day? How to add personal touches? I wanted to write our own vows but unfortunately we can’t at the courthouse. I like the idea of having our parents leave a little note for us in a decorated box we’ll have so we can read them on our first year anniversary. 

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    You're already doing more than we peons in L.A. County would get away with. Honestly at this point probably the best thing you could do is set your sights on making your first anniversary party something to remember. These are strange times but there's hope on the horizon and instead of putting a bunch of people at risk you'd do better to plan something big when you can do so without endangering your guests. 

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    You are going to serve cupcakes, then go out for an elegant lunch???  Go out to lunch, toast with champagne and then have a small wedding cake. If you are having the champagne at home, serve it with little appetizers. 

    There is very little you will be able to do at the court house. See if you can take photos taken during the ceremony. Have a pretty boutique and ask them all to dress up. 

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    i would just do what you want to do

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