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How to be more articulate when speaking?

I feel like I don't explain myself very well, and say umm a lot or use simple vocabulary words or say "I don't know" 

Part of it has to do with not reading enough books, but I think another part of it has to do with me not being very confident in my abilities? Maybe I can try speaking slower and thinking more clearly what I want to say. I just feel very frustrated with myself and try to say too many things at once I guess...

Any advice is appreciated. :)

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    I think speaking is an art form.  It takes quite a bit of skill to gather your thoughts, formulate an idea, and communicate it clearly so another person can understand it.

    I do know that practicing any skill improves it, so try that.  Just make small steps with topics you are very familiar with and interested in.

    If you could just eliminate the “ums,” you’ll be much better than the average speaker.  Try silence instead.  That’s my version of the “um.”  Or I will say, “Let me think about that for a second,” as a way to buy time.

    There’s nothing wrong with bouncing it back to the other person to buy time, either.  “I hear you. Could you explain a little more about what you’re saying?”

    If it interests you, try journaling.  Start writing and rewriting your thoughts about various topics.  Write sentences in a way that you would be able to repeat if the topic ever comes up.  Reread what you’ve written and see if it sounds well articulated.  You might surprise yourself when you manage to repeat a well written phrase you came up with while journaling.

    (For example, I practice what I preach.  I reread this post several times before sending it.  I changed a couple words and rewrote some sentences)

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    Being articulate means speaking fluently and clearly.  You can't do that if you don't know the subject well and if you don't have a good vocabulary.  Read more books -- "the classics" -- and then talk to yourself about them aloud -- alone, of course.  Pay attention to pronunciation and diction -- don't be sloppy.  The more you do it, the better you'll get.  You'll see!

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    My advice to you is clearly something you already know; read more books. This will make you more literate, improve your vocabulary, your writing ability, speaking ability, and those things will increase your confidence. Best of luck!

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