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How do I declutter more?

I don't mean in general, as I've done that and have it down fairly well.  But I have a tendency to kind of hoard shampoos and conditioners.  I use them a couple times and then want to try something else.  So I've got maybe 30 bottles that have been used like three times.  I'd like to be able to just stick to one or two but it seems so wasteful to just throw the others away.  I can't donate them because places don't accept used products like that.  So what do I do with the extras?

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    I do this with scissors & knives & kitchen gadgets.  I figure I will have a yard sale after Covid & I put the ones I don't use out into storage, waiting for the day I can have a yard sale.  In my efforts to declutter, I have a ton of stuff to add to the yard sale.

    Hand it out to the homeless they need shampoos for when they can bathe.  Give them away to family & friends. Oh, how I know it is hard to throw something away that is still good.  I understand.

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    For some reason you have hoarding.

    All I can say is throw them out.

    It's hard but must be done.

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