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If iw ant to write and publish a book how do i start? ?

Hi, so basically i have been through some trauma that i think i could turn into something to help others who suffer the same issue or have survived it. I am wodnering if i want to turn this aspect of my life into a book how should i do this? Any tips of book writing and advice is appreciated pls :) 

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    1 month ago

    if you want to write a book, maybe try reading some books about it..

  • Amber
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    1 month ago

    My advice would be: 

    Go to a library and rent as many books on writing as possible that are written by good authors who have been successful.

    Then read at least ten books in the genre you want to write in (can't tell you that exactly as I have no idea what you're story is about) to see how they handled the topics. 

    I'm hoping you all ready read quite a bit but if you don't then read another 20 good novels. Ones with merit.

    While you're doing this reading and studying each day write one short story - it'll help you gain confidence and experience before you start the main novel since I'm guessing you have little to no experience in writing. 

    Due to co-vid things are awkward right now, but join a good writing forum on line and start networking for friends and contacts. Helps others with their work for a while as this will help you learn. After a few weeks on answering other people's questions, start up-loading your short-stories for feedback. This will help you outline your strengths and weaknesses.

    Then begin your actual novel

    Once completed, let it sit for six months.

    In that time read books on editing and grammar ( it's I not i). This is what I'm really bad at. For six months learn the skill of editing. Use this skill on the forum you're on to help others with their manuscripts.

    After 6 months you look it over and apply what you've learned. You'll need to re-write for improvements several times. Taking breaks in between because it keeps you fresh and also makes you like bias.

    Then you ask for betas. switch manuscripts with others.

    And if you get that far then you think about publishing. 

  • 1 month ago

    Your library has tons of books explaining how to do this. Go there, read them.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Doing an outline might help you get started. Plan out the basic book. 

    Be very careful about including actual names and events. If writing a non-fiction, you can be sued, even if what you depicted was true or actually happened. 

    Don't expect to master writing a book the first time you try to write a book. 

    You can look into self-publishing, a method many use these days. 

  • 1 month ago

    1. Write it first. 

    2. Do 3 or 4 rewrites. 

    3. Have beta readers read it, listen to their comments. 

    4. Fix the issues they found.  

    5. Another rewrite. 

    6. Another round of beta readers. 

    7. Polish it, have it be the best manuscript you can do.

    NOW start looking at publishers. 

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