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When 100% nitrogen is inhaled, why does it still get exhaled as carbon dioxide?

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    If you're alive (as required for inhaling and exhaling), then your body has blood in contact with your lungs. Some of the excess CO2 in your blood gets transferred to and mixed with whatever gas you have inhaled, and then exhaled.  Normal air is about 80 percent nitrogen, but it's the other 20 percent that's oxygen that keeps you alive.

    In fact, your normally exhaled breath usually contains enough oxygen to make it useful to do "mouth-to-mouth" breathing in a rescue situation, although it is not currently a required part of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) protocols.

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    You will die if you inhale 100% nitrogen because your body needs oxygen. The CO2 that you exhale came from oxygen that was already in the system before you started breathing in pure nitrogen, not from the nitrogen you recently inhaled. 

  • F
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    Well known chemical equation


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    1 month ago

    IT DOESN'T!!! YOU DIE!!!!!

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    If there is carbon dioxide in the blood some will be exhaled in the mix. Otherwise you're dead.

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    Well, if your lungs contain a StarTrek style matter replicator, that might happen.  Otherwise, ... no.

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    1 month ago

     it dont- its still nitrogen

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    You clearly are labouring under a serious misunderstanding.

    If you inhale dinitrogen* gas (N2) you will exhale it. It undergoes no chemical change when inhaled.

    When you exhale the air you exhale contains some carbon dioxide. This was produced by your body's cells, transported to the lungs in the blood circulation, passes from the blood to the air in the lungs and is exhaled.

    I would have hoped commonsense would show, with no knowledge of chemistry, that you cannot get carbon dioxide (CO2) from dinitrogen (N2) gas. Dinitrogen gas consists of molecules each of which contain two atoms of nitrogen. From where are you going to get the atom of carbon and two of oxygen to form carbon dioxide?

    If you inhale 100% dinitrogen gas you wll die. Not because nitrogen is poisonous not because it undergoes any harmful chemical reaction. You will die due to a lack of oxygen.

    *In its gaseous form in the atmosphere nitrogen is called dinitrogen because its molecules contain two (di-) atoms of nitrogen.

  • It doesn't.  Any nitrogen inhaled is exhaled as nitrogen.  Around a fifth of the oxygen you inhale is exhaled as carbon dioxide.  If you inhale 100% nitrogen, you'll suffocate.

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