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Do I need a psychologist, therapist or psychiatrist to treat this mental condition? ?

I was subjected to repeated bullying by my father who would always, boss, blame and scold me for everything the home that included doing arduous chores mostly by myself while my siblings have the easier life. He would also make me eat food designed to increase testosterone levels.  I eventually developed some sort of mental illness due to his treatment towards me which had only caused me to post lies about myself being a convicted paedophile, causing me to become blacklisted from attending a program designed to turn guys metrosexual, causing such people running these programs to make enquiries with my dad and eldest sibling, causing them to take unfair advantage of having me blacklisted when I only missed out due to wokr commitments.  I already lost 6 years of my younger years since this blacklisting was put in place. 

I am a metrosexual by default even before they heard of such concept. 


I am wanting to repair the damage done to my identity. 

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    What you seem to have listed as symptoms are the following:

    1)  Past abuse

    2)  Paranoia

    3)  Delusional thinking

    4)  Sexual identity confusion

    I can read the emotional pain in your question and I feel that you deserve to be heard and taken seriously.

    May I suggest that you start with a visit to your family doctor for a complete physical and lab work?  After that your own physician can refer you to a licensed mental health provider who can honestly hear you and meet your needs.

    I wish you all the best.

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    YEP, you need a psychologist, counseling, maybe even a form of Christian counseling that can shape who you are in Christ and find true love that your dad failed to provide that can only be found if you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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    You say you are sick already,come go to a Dr.You are a good person,then already what has been that you,ve treated with it well,you tell for DR.to rebring it,then you turn to active good a person.You,ll then show very gory.

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    1 month ago

     You might if the bullying has ruined your mentality zxjqk

     . . . . . . . . . .


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    1 month ago

    Let your father know you won't be nominating him for father of the year.  If you say that sarcastically, it should really hurt.

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    1 month ago

    all of the above .

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You're mentally-ill all right, but not for the reasons you describe.

    And here we thought you'd died, but you're back again. Too bad.

    Get help. Make sure the psychiatrist knows all about your posting history here and just WHAT you've posted.

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    Please do make an appointment with a licensed mental health professional.    

    Just by the way that you spelled certain words, perhaps you're in the U.K., and if that's so, I'll post a website by the NHS (national health service) for "How to access mental health services":


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    Always start with a therapist. Go to a psychiatrist or psychologist if you are referred by a doctor or a therapist. 

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    You don't need anyone. Put it to one side and get on with your life. Do voluntary work, stop thinking about your past and get on with a new life

    AND stop posting on here.

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