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Internet Access Via Wifi moved further outside perimeter?

this is very very annoying and i want to see what I can do. I started noticing noticeable poorer connection, so I went to investigate, turns out my connection has moved further, so its maximum connection is on the outside perimeter of the house and to get the best connection at home you have to move further into one given corner. 

No idea why this happened but it's a wifi connection and I think the isp gives a general area of coverage. No idea why it moved. 


can you update your answer. Its not via a router its probably the second option you listed (access point)

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    The Wi-Fi signal emanates from a router or Wi-Fi access point that is connected via wires to your service provider network.  If the "router" didn't physically move than the Wi-Fi source didn't move either.

    For the best Wi-Fi coverage the "router" should be placed in the physical center of the area you want coverage.  Ideally it would be placed close to the ceiling.

    If it's not possible to move the router than you can get devices called Wi-Fi extenders (a.k.a. repeaters or boosters) that you place between the router and where ever the Wi-Fi signal is weak.

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