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What's something you baked and did it your way, and it was so good that you never done before but tried it before?

I baked mac n cheese for the first time and it was so darn good. I've had baked mac n cheese before and thought it was good, but not enough to do myself, so I tried it this time because I dont have a microwave anymore, just an oven.

I put the macaroni in a round pan with water, seasoning, and cubes of cheddar, butter, and pepper jack.

It tasted so good!

I added sour cream too.


I cheated a packet of mac n cheese though, but used two boxes of hamburger helper mac n cheese but left out 1 season packet.

Update 2:

Apple with cheese? Never had that before 

Update 3:

@CB an example would be nice. I'm disappointed this question was not popular.

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  • kswck2
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    1 month ago

    I've made mac and cheese for 2 people, and for 450 people. And it never comes out the same. It all depends on what Other ingredients i have on hand. I can use hot dogs, beans, onions, cheese, whatever. 

    I work in a soup kitchen-we need to make a soup, salad, starch, protein and vegetable for 400 everyday. I usually make the soup, and while it is almost always a vegetable soup, it all depends on what has been donated in the past few days. So one day it might be a kale and spinach soup, the next it might be a minestrone, the next a chili. You learn quickly how some ingredients interact with others. People that cook this way learn what SOME means. How much do you have? That is SOME. 

    As for Recipes? Nope. Your recipe is created right then. 

  • denise
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    2 months ago

    I was making some cheese scones / biscuits, and then I decided to add some chopped apple [there was one left in the fruit bowl], they came out very good, split and buttered, they went down well with the family!. 

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    I do it all the time - I look up a couple recipes and mix and match to my liking. I don't do this as much when I bake as that is more science than cooking - you are describing cooking btw.

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