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What does adding "bien" to a word do in french?

What is the difference between these two:

J'aime ce film

J'aime bien ce film

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    The word ' bien ' here is an adverb. In your phrase it indicates the way to like the movie / le film. 

    Other words that indicate a way: bien, mal, rapidement, vite, lentement, doucement = well, bad, quickly, fast, slowly, gently... 

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    It adds positive emphasis.

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    I was intrigued by your question. I am practising French after many years. I was once a fluent speaker but that was another lifetime. The online site I use always wants you to write 'je bien aime' if you 'like' something. It is not a construction I remember. If I like a film I would probably want to say, j'aime ce film'. If I really liked it I would probably say, j'aime vraiment ce film'.

    I was hoping for more informative answers than your question has so far generated because I wouldlike to know why the online site I use insists on 'bien aimer' rather than just 'aimer'.

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    In this example, it's the difference between "I like the movie' and "I quite like the movie"

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    In Quebec, people will say, "merci bien."  It acts as a modifier to mean good, or more.

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